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Janessa Leone's Lynda Hat is an updated bucket with an open weave top. The Lynda is a packable, meaning you can collapse it in your luggage or bag and it will easily return to its pristine shape, so take it with you everywhere you go. 


Raffia straw. Made in Madagascar.

Small band 55cm, crown height 11.5cm
Medium band 56.5cm, crown height 12.5cm
Large band 59.5cm, crown height 13.5cm
Sizing tips from Janessa Leone

You will need a string or cloth measuring tape. The goal is to measure where you would usually have a hat sit. 

1. Looking in a mirror, start at the center of your forehead an inch above your eyebrows. Gently wrap the string or cloth tape around your head, a finger width distance above your ears, to the most prominent point in the back of your head. Meet at the starting location in the center of your forehead.

2. Mark the joint. If you are using a string, measure the start to end points.

3. We recommend measuring three times for accuracy.